course gender 5 - 1. I went and saw the movie "The...

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1. I went and saw the movie "The Bank Job" which is currently in theaters. It is based on a supposed true story about a bank robbery gone wrong in London in 1971. In the movie, the 4 of the male theifs work running a used car lot and mechanic shop. They also are known to be petty "villians" in their neighborhoods. Another male theif is a con man whose day job is a tailor at a fancy suit shop. The final theif is female and is a retired supermodel. It is made well aware that this is her first robbery. There are two other supporting women in the movie who are not involved in the robbery. The ringleader of the operation's wife is a stay at home mother of two small daughters. One theif's wife is a book keeper/secretary at the used car lot. The other males that make up the cast are defined as politicians, bankers, police officers, and mobsters. The other females that make up the cast are strippers, prostitutes, and a madame. A majority of the men in the movie related to women only through ellicit sexual acts depicted in scenes taking place in brothels and strip clubs. The main female character was labeled my the main male characters as deceitful but also as sexually alluring. She exploited her looks and provacative behavior to sway thoughts in her favor. The wife of the ringleader felt astranged from her husband and suspected that he had fallen for the retired supermodel. Overall, the movie depicted women as subjectified by men on all levels. 2. I do believe the notion of symbolic anniliation is still accurate. Obviously
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course gender 5 - 1. I went and saw the movie "The...

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