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11/14 Personality Disorders Multiple personality disorder or dissociative Identity disorder – 74% --caused by trauma- create personalities to deal with a trauma in a way their core personality couldn’t. John—Police Officer Barb—Wife Mental Disorders differ from abnormal behavior Criteria for defining mental disorders: 1. Violation of behavioral standards (based on cultural norms) 2. Emotional Distress—Anxiety, Depression, fear, anger, guilt 3. Maladaptive Behavior—Harmful to self •Diagnostical statistical manual of psych. Disorders Classifications based on: 1. Primary Problem (such as depression) 2. Effect of client’s personality on the ability to be treated 3. Medical conditions or medications that might contribute to these symptoms 4. Social + Environmental problems which worsen it 5. Global assessment of patients overall function (how work and daily life is going, whether the problem is of recent origin or of long duration and how incapacitating it is). Problems: 1. Over diagnose disorders 2. miss diagnose disorders 3. self-fulfilling prophecy 4. confuse serious mental disorders with normal problems of living 5. diagnoses can reflect prevailing attitude + Prejudice (what to include in DSM is based on group consensus rather than empirical evidence) 11/16 Generalized Anxiety Disorder— Always have anxiety about everything Symptoms: -Continuous uncontrollable anxiety or worry -Feeling of foreboding + dread Lasts at least 6 months, feel restless, concentration problems, irritable, jittery Predisposed factors- Physiological tendency Post Traumatic Stress Disorder —a result of unpredictable + uncontrollable danger from war, disaster, crime (rape), childhood trauma
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Symptoms: Relive experience, Psychic numbing (don’t feel anything), increased physiological arousal can be immediate or delayed. Symptoms last for at least 1 month. Genetic predisposition to suffer from this—small hippocampus Panic disorder —may end up in emergency room—sudden attack of fear- feel like they’ll Die Symptoms—Heart palpitations, very hot or cold, dizzy, dry mouth related to prolonged stress, trauma. Culture can influence symptoms-realizing panic helps cure Treatment : psycho therapy-same for all disorders except panic disorders Fear + Phobia —Irrational fear Social phobia—persistent, irrational fear of being observed by others Agoraphobia—fear of being alone in public place -can be triggered by a panic attack Obsessions + Compulsions —obsession reoccurring though compulsion or reoccurring act Obsessive Compulsive Disorder —Exhausting need to control ridic. Parts of daily life, -reoccurring persistent thoughts Treatment: psycho therapy/ anti-depressants -parts of brain are over active—continuous sense of danger -prefontal cortex is depleted of serotonin 11/19 Clinical Depression - Common cold of mental illness, disrupts ordinary life for 6 + Months Sweden= highest suicide rate Symptoms : 1. Feeling of despair + hopelessness 2. Loss of pleasure
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Trudi - 11/14 Personality Disorders Multiple personality...

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