4 - Male Superiority Demonstrated in the Tempest In...

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In Shakespeare’s The Tempest , Shakespeare creates a strong contrast between the social standing of men and women. Although there is a lack of female characters in the play, it is simple to understand the role of women by focusing on the portrayal of Miranda, the sole female character present in the play. The lack of other female characters in the play allows Shakespeare to easily portray a specific image of females. The Tempest represents society during Shakespeare’s time, and through it, Shakespeare strongly supports male superiority. The characters of The Tempest are symbols for the different characters of British social class. Miranda is manipulated repeatedly throughout the play by the other male characters, and her lack of judgment and decision making is evident. Shakespeare demonstrates male superiority by the lack of Miranda’s character in comparison with the more independent males. Because Miranda is the only female character present in The Tempest , her presence throughout the play is one of most importance because she is the only female character with whom the audience can associate. If Shakespeare had included more in- depth descriptions of other female characters—like Claribel and Sycorax—he would have risked losing the impression of female frailty that the audience draws from Miranda. Jessica Slights perfectly describes Miranda’s role in The Tempest when she writes, “Miranda [is] a disempowered subject whose actions are merely reactions to the various male[s] with whom she shares an island” (361). Slights is saying Miranda is a powerless character whose only purpose is to respond to the male characters in The Tempest . Miranda is used as an object to help portray other characters in
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4 - Male Superiority Demonstrated in the Tempest In...

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