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absorption of radiation1

absorption of radiation1 - Absorption of Nuclear Radiation...

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Absorption of Nuclear Radiation TA: Jie 4/24/2008 Abstract: Using various radiation devices, different types of radiation were tested for their attenuation through different materials.
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Objectives: To become familiar with some instrumentation of nuclear physics; to examine the attenuation characteristics of various materials with regard to the passage of alpha, beta, and gamma rays through matter. Experimental Procedure: This experiment consisted of a Geiger-Mueller counter, different radiation sources, and different materials to attenuate the beam. First off, the operating voltage had to be found. The count interval knob was set to 10 minutes and the beta radiation source was placed in the tray holder close to the window. The computer unit was then turned on and the reset button was hit. Then the count button was pressed. The voltage was then slowly increased to between 200-300 volts until the counter starts continually increasing. The voltage was then increased 75 volts.
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