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Dc circuits1

Dc circuits1 - Faradays Law of Induction TA Jie Abstract...

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Faradays Law of Induction TA: Jie 4/17/2008 Abstract: Using a computer interface with magnetic field and voltage sensors, a function generator, solenoid, pick-up coils, and a resistor, Faraday’s Law of Induction was tested.
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Objectives: To verify Faraday’s law of induction by measuring the emf generated in a small coil and compare it with the calculated value; to investigate the relationship between the emf and the frequency of the driving signal. Experimental Procedure: For this experiment, first the circuit had to be set up. The negative terminal on the 10 ohm resistor was connected to the ground on the function generator. Next, the positive terminal on the resistor was connected to the solenoid. The other side of the solenoid was then connected to the LO connection on the function generator. The Hall Probe was then connected to channel A on the computer interface. Next the pick up coil was connected to channel B on the computer interface. Finally, the positive and negative terminals on the resistor were connected to channel C
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