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CONTRACTS I OUTLINE PROF GEGAN Bill Jeberg PART 1- Basis for Enforcing 1 I Relief in Determination of Enforcement of Contracts 1 II Consideration 1 III Promises Binding Without Consideration 3 PART 2- Nature of the Assent 4 I Intent to Contract 4 II The Offer 5 III The Acceptance 6 IV Termination of Offer 7 V Acceptance Vary from Offer 8 VI Pre-Contractual Liability 10 VII Definiteness 11 PART 3- Statute of Frauds
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Unformatted text preview: 12 I Introduction 12 II Basic Types (Surety, 1 year, Land) 12 III UCC 2-201 13 IV The Writing Requirement 13 V Dispensing with the Writing Requirement 14 PART 4- Policing the Bargain 15 I Capacity 15 II Unfairness 15 III Overreaching- Conventional Controls 15 IV Concealment & Misrepresentation 17 V Unconscionability 18 VII Illegality 19...
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