Sociology 217 week 1

Sociology 217 week 1 - force –generates resistance...

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Deviant Behavior Positivism – presumes there is a material world outside of our tangible world. People are constrained by natural law Determinist – forces out of our control cause certain behavior Positivist –Determinist – P-D Opposed by Constructionist Perspective – views social reality is a human creation/construction W.I. Thomas – “That which is defined as real, is real in its consequence” Social reality P-D – Society pressures individuals and determines their behavior C – People interact and affect each other which creates society Power – ability to control the behavior of others when they do not want to be controlled achieved – by
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Unformatted text preview: force –generates resistance Authority – power legitimated by those that are subject to it – a position of power, not a person of power. High context – simple society, small-scale, close proximity Personal Low context – relationships are secondary relationships mostly impersonal. They are instrumental in nature only a means to an end occurs in complex societies like the US. Rule –Breaking is commonplace and quite normal and necessary for society....
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