Sociology 217 week 3

Sociology 217 week 3 - Objectivist/Positivists/Determinist...

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Objectivist/Positivists/Determinist Subjectivists/Non positivists/ non determinist Deviance is a matter of definition That there is no behavior that is objectively deviant, it is how its labeled. One can be labeled as a deviant and not break the rules A rule breaker and deviant is two different things. A high school girl that hangs out with a certain clique is not a rule breaker but she hangs out with deviants, so she is consider a deviant without breaking the rules. Social Problems are traditionally though of as real things. These characteristics make it a problem in a society. Constructionist Claims-Makers - construct social prospective on what is going on. They make claims saying that what are problems in society. Single people doing it is deviance More people doing it is a social problem Moral entrepreneurs The major way we come to realize what is going on in the world is by mass media Mass media creates social problems and deviance. Quasi-theory - simple explanations for complex social phenomena Mass Media provides us with information The broadcast of Super Tuesday shows editorializing. Much of the information is shown to us in a ethical frame We are told how to interpret it Media is also very commercial, tells us what to buy and desire The newspapers always lay out the ads first Then they put in fillers Television is basically just for commercial The media is used to show a commercial reality
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Sociology 217 week 3 - Objectivist/Positivists/Determinist...

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