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Sociology 217 week 4

Sociology 217 week 4 - Vocabulary of motive Neutralization...

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Deviant behavior Lifestyle deviance- life choices that define someone as who they are Everyday deviance – violation of rules we routinely engage in, out of the ordinary Sub-cultures- grow up around shared problems. Provide solution or escape from problems or accepting mechanism Provides a setting where deviants who can gain status Msg have been neglected in outside world Establishes a social self through interactions with members of the subcultures Aberrant deviance – measures deviance status by how they are defined by the larger culture, mainstream measuring device. Non-conformist deviance – distinguish yourself from mainstream cultures. Tertiary deviance – think your deviance is better than normal deviance is glorified.
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Unformatted text preview: Vocabulary of motive Neutralization techniques- admit to breaking rules but try to explain why excuses justifications gain a sense of self and identity Identity 1)social identity – how you are received by others 2)collective identity – how you are seen as a member of a group 3)personal identity – how we see ourselves Goffurian dramaturgical – people perform for people around them. People act their part based on situation and your sense of self at the time Culture makes our interactions predicatable Deviant subcultures provide systems of belief Mainstream beliefs deviant belief are in between the two Mental disorder Our deviant status is often a master status overriding all other statuses....
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Sociology 217 week 4 - Vocabulary of motive Neutralization...

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