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More Problems - you would get all roan calves how would you...

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More Problems 1. Coat color in labs is an example of epistasis. One gene determines if the dog will have dark color (E_) or have yellow color (ee). If the dog has dark color, a second gene determine sif the dog will be black (B_) or brown (bb). If the dog has ee, the yellow color will mask any dark color. What will be the phenotypes of the following dogs? BBEE, bbEa, bbee, BbEe, BBee, bbEE BBEE-black; bbEa-brown; bbee-yellow; BbEe-black; BBee-yellow; bbEE- Brown 2. Amanda (blood type AB) claims that a famous billionaire (blood type O) is the father of her child (blood type A). Based on this information, is her claim plausible? Based on blood types, it is possible for the billionaire to be the father. DNA testing would be necessary to confirm or deny Amanda’s claim. 3. In a herd of cattle, there are cows with red hair, cows with white hair, and cows with a roan coat (red and white hairs). If you wanted to breed two cows so that
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Unformatted text preview: you would get all roan calves, how would you go about this? Explain. Roat coat color is an example of codominance. By breeding a red cow (RR) and a white cow (rr), all the progeny should be roan (Rr). 4. Pure-breeding plants with red flowers were crossed with pure-breeding plants with white flowers. The resulting F1 progeny had pink flowers. These pink flower plants were crossed. What would be the expected genotypes and phenotypes of the F2 progeny? Genotypes: ¼ AA; ½ Aa; ¼ aa Phenotypes: ¼ red, ½ pink, ¼ white 5. Joe has a cat named Levin. When Joe crosses Levin with a black cat, he obtains ½ white kittens and ½ black kittens. When the black kittens are interbred, all the kittens that they produce are black. On the basis of these results, would you conclude that white or black coat color in cats is a recessive trait? Black is recessive....
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