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Practice Exam 1 - Practice Exam 1 Part Two 1 When this is a...

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Practice Exam 1: Part Two 1. When the fertilized egg remains inside the mother’s body until hatching,  this is called: a) Viviparity b) Oviparity c) Ovoviviparity d) Ovariparity e) None of the above 2. How does Viagra work? a) Stimulates the breakdown of cGMP b) Stimulates the release of nitric oxide c) Inhibits the breakdown of cGMP d) Inhibits the release of nitric oxide e) None of the above 3. In what part of the female reproductive tract does the sperm fertilize the  ovum? a) Ovary b) Fimbria c) Uterus d) Oviduct e) Endometrium 4. A peak in the hormone,                                         , causes                                            and                                                to be released which peak at ovulation. a) Progesterone; estrogen; estradiol b) Progesterone; FSH; LH c) Estrogen; progesterone; FSH d) Estrogen; progesterone; LH e) None of the above 5. Just prior to ovulation, progesterone peaks causing release of FSH and  LH. a) True
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6. The follicle consists of a secondary oocyte and the associating,  surrounding cells. a) True  b) False 7. Produce(s) alkaline fluid in order to neutralize the acidity in the urethra and  lubricate(s) tip of the penis: a) Bulbourethral glands b) Seminal vesicles c) Prostate gland d) A and C e) All of the above 8. The penis relaxes after ejaculation due to: I. Breakdown of cGMP II. Increase in nitric oxide III. Constriction of blood vessels IV. Increased blood flow a) I only b) I and III c) I, II, and III d) II and IV e) IV only 9. Shoots produced by roots via asexual reproduction are called: a) Stolons b) Suckers c) Bulbs d) Tubers e) Rhizomes 10.The ovarian cycle prepares the endometrium for the blastocyst. a) True
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Practice Exam 1 - Practice Exam 1 Part Two 1 When this is a...

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