Lab2 - Motion In Free-Fall

Lab2 - Motion In Free-Fall - Name: Peter Botticelli...

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Name: Peter Botticelli Dr. Walter Schier Partner: Nick Quatieri 03/06/2008 195.141.805 – Thursday, 12:30 Experiment # 2 Motion In Free-Fall
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The objective of this experiment was to find acceleration due to gravity from the measured rate that the velocity, of a free falling body, chages with time. Setup: A large table supported set up was used. A large table clamp supported a tape timer a certain distance off the floor. By feeding the paper tape trough the timing unit and plaging a mass at the bottom of said tape, the set up is ready. View the attached figure. Brief description of procedure: Obtain approxamately 60cm of tape. Form a loop at one end of the tape and feed the other end of the tape through the timing unit. While holding the top of the tape attach a 200g mass to the loop. Turn the timing unit to 40 Hz and release the tape. Remove the mass and tape down the tape to the workbench. Number the dots printed on the tape startig at zero, while disgarding the dots that
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Lab2 - Motion In Free-Fall - Name: Peter Botticelli...

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