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Week3Application_DMiner - Destinie Miner I believe most...

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Destinie Miner I believe most human behaviors we develop through socialization. One human trait that I’ve observed being influenced by society is our personalities. Each culture has an immense impact on the personality traits that the people in them will develop. For example, in America most people who have developed in this country have personality traits such as competiveness and individualism. In addition, I believe language is a human behavior that is learned. In a study of an isolated child, Isabelle, researchers found that language is not natural to humans. “We can first conclude that humans have no natural language, for Isabelle in our opening vignette and others like her are unable to speak” (Henslin, 2015, 68). As the reading and observations of isolated children demonstrated, our knowledge of language and how to use it develops from socialization. Humans also learn how to interact with others through socialization. Without
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