Lab 1 - 25.108 Laboratory 1: Date: 2/13/2008 Team Members:...

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Date: 2/13/2008 Team Members: Peter Botticelli Section # 804 Group # Due Date: At Start of Next Week 25.108 Laboratory 1: Learning Objectives: By completing this Lab exercise you should be competent in the following learning objectives: Understand how to create vectors and matrices using Matlab Know how to use Matlab operators {, ; ' + * .* \ } Learn how to diagnose the Matlab error messages for the above operators. Use Matlab to plot in 2-D and 3-D. Instructions: Read the instructions below carefully and follow them as a team. If you have questions on any of them, discuss the issue amongst your team, and if you can't solve it, ask the TA, or even a team nearby. Passing off the Lab will require that you communicate, help one another, and be responsible for each other's learning to some extent. Make sure every member of your team knows the material before moving on to each new section. You will need to get the TA's signature for the Lab. The TA may request that one of your team members demonstrate a portion of the Lab activity to ensure you all know the material. . Start Matlab and perform the following steps for each of the five sections: You should save both the workspace and the diary for this lab. Enter "diary on" before you
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begin. At the end of your session, type "save lab2". Once you exit and then log back into Matlab you can obtain the lab2 workspace by typing "load lab2". You can see the diary of the previous session by typing, "type diary." . (there is a dot after the word diary) A. This part will help you see the way MATLAB does multiplication.
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Lab 1 - 25.108 Laboratory 1: Date: 2/13/2008 Team Members:...

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