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Unformatted text preview: PSC -141 INTRO AMER GOV:THEORY and POLITICS Professor: Cindy Pressley Online Assignment 5 Grade: 100 out of 100 Instructions: Please answer the following questions. You must use complete sentences and use correct grammar/punctuation. 1. Do you think that Internet campaigns are essential, or are they over-hyped? Why? 2. Do you think that current candidates use of Internet sources such as myspace will enhance or diminish the campaign process? Why? 3. What are two ethical concerns that may arise concerning campaign fundraising over the Internet? Submission: 1. I think that internet campaigns are essential. In the election process, they allow a candidate to reach a younger generation who use the internet more than any other group. Campaigning on the internet will get more young people involved in an election, which is essential if the person being elected should be supported by as many citizens as possible. 2. I think that the use of internet sources such as myspace enhances the campaign process because it results in the election of a leader that more of the people will support. It is a fact that people who gain information about candidates via the internet are mostly people that are less likely to be voting citizens. If they can find out about a candidate on the internet, they might be more inclined to go out and vote for them in the election. 3a. Candidates who use internet fundraising could be taking advantage of people who unfortunately believe that everything on the internet is legitimate. First hand experience with my own parents leads me to believe that if a person watched a candidate on the television for instance, they would be more skeptical of the person than if they read about the candidate on the internet. 3b. In my opinion, dealing with your own money over the internet is not taken as seriously as when actual paper money or a credit card is used. I would probably donate more money to a candidate if i was transferring it over the internet, rather than sending them actual money. I believe other people would do this as well. ...
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