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Sheet1 Page 1 PSC -141 INTRO AMER GOV:THEORY and POLITICS Professor: Cindy Pressley Online Assignment 4 Grade: 96 out of 100 Instructions: Submission: 1. The primary goal of the NRA is training, education and marksmanship, and to promote and encourage rifle shooting on a sc 2. The NRA addresses to following issues: promoting the shooting sports among America's youth new firearms bills attacks on the Second Amendment rights hunter education
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Unformatted text preview: Law enforcement training 3. The NRA is a conservative organization. IF it were a liberal organization, it would be AGAINST guns, not for them. 4. This organization would try to influence anything that would benefit or preserve the right to bear arms among citizens. This assignment should help you understand interest groups more clearly. Pick an interest group of your choice. Visit the orga n...
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