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Week 1 1. IS: An organizational system that enables the processing and management of an organization’s information. 2. IT: A fundamental component of modern organizational Information Systems. 3. The World Is Flat a. Phases of Globalization i. 1.0 (1492-1800) 1. Size large size medium 2. Trading between Old World and New World 3. Countries globalizing ii. 2.0 (1800-2000) 1. Size medium size small 2. Multinational corporations went global for markets and labor 3. Companies globalizing iii. 3.0 (2000-present) 1. Size small size tiny 2. Individuals collaborate and compete globally 3. Creativity and global competition at individual level
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Individuals globalizing Week 2 1. Role of Information in Organizations a. Information As a Resource b. Information as an Asset c. Information As a Product 2. Knowledge Managers a. General manager: Knowledge worker in charge of an entire organization or business unit b. Functional Manager: Knolwedge worker in charge of a functional area or team c. End user: individualswith direct contact with software applications 3. Role of IT a. IT is the enabler of new strategy, initiatives, and effective management b. Capacity continues to increase, costs continue to decrease...
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