Chapter 13 - Govt. Chapter 13 The Federal Bureaucracy 1....

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Govt. Chapter 13 The Federal Bureaucracy 1. Federal Bureaucracy: Totality of the departments and agencies of the executive branch of the national government 2. Hostile Political Culture a. Americans generally don’t trust their government and government leaders, nor do they have much confidence that the government can accomplish the tasks assigned to it b. We also have more legal restrictions and is subject to more intense legislative oversight than other countries c. Civil Servants: Government workers employed under the merit system; not political appointees d. Civil Service: Federal Government jobs held by civilian employees excluding political appointees i. In the US, civil service is based in the general population, but in European countries it is held for the elite 3. Incoherent Organization a. Bureaucracy: large, complex organization characterized by hierarchical set of offices, each with a specific task, controlled through a clear chain of command, and where appointment and advancement of personnel is based on merit b. Our bureaucracy is very unclear where to draw the lines 4. Divided Control a. Two bosses constantly vying with one another i. President ii. Congress 5. Executive Branch Organization
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Govt. Chapter 13 a. Departments: headed by cabinet-level secretaries, appointed by the president and approved by the Senate i. Carry out the most essential government functions
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Chapter 13 - Govt. Chapter 13 The Federal Bureaucracy 1....

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