Chapter 12 - Govt Chapter 12 The Presidency 1 Comparing...

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Govt. Chapter 12 The Presidency 1. Comparing Presidencies Early Latest Budget $4 million $1.8 trillion Employees 300 2.4 million Armed Forces 700 1.4 million Population 4 million 278 million (Major Expansion) 2. Dormant Presidency a. From George Washington to the end of the 19 th century the presidents maintained the Founders’ ideas of a president having Congress be the major decision-maker i. Due to not requiring a strong presidency before the 20 th century ii. Not a superpower yet 3. Important Presidents a. George Washington i. Helped solidify the prestige of the presidency during a time of mistrust b. Thomas Jefferson i. Concluded the Louisiana Purchase, which doubled the size of the U.S. c. Andrew Jackson i. Transformed the presidency into a popular sovereign institution d. James Polk i. Provoked the war with Mexico, which led to the acquisition of the Southwest U.S. e. Abraham Lincoln
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Govt. Chapter 12 i. Invoked emergency powers based on his broad interpretation of the Constitution and freed the slaves 4. Twentieth Century Transformation a. Theodore Roosevelt: i. Pushes for regulation of big business and established national parks ii. Broke up trusts : large combinations of business corporations b. Woodrow Wilson: i. Established the Federal Reserve Board, Federal Trade Commission, and increase activity for WW1. c. Franklin D. Roosevelt: i. He created the New Deal, social security, Wagner Act, and helped end the Great Depression and WWII d. John F. Kennedy i. 1964 Civil Rights Act and the use of TV as a campaign tool and an
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Chapter 12 - Govt Chapter 12 The Presidency 1 Comparing...

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