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-1 Chapter 11 Key Terms Assimilation A process by which a racial or ethnic minority loses its distinctive identity ]and conforms to cultural patterns of the dominant group Cognitive Development Growth and acquisition of mental skills Cultural Capital Object, knowledge, and experiences that can be spent on education ie. dictionaries, encyclopedias, computers, books, and toys Division of Labor assignment of a certain specified task, jobs, or work to be completed by certain specified individuals, groups, categories, and classes of people. Dysfunction The interference or negative outcome of an aspect of social system with the maintenance or adaptation of that system or its values Education Transmission of skills, values, beliefs, knowledge, and facts to members of society Educational Functional requisite Every culture requires educational systems and institutions that pass on the essential skills and knowledge from one generation to the next Hidden Curriculum An aspect of education designed to teach dominant norms and values, such as obedience to authority , following instructions, being punctual, raising your hand before asking a question, and other norms associated with a life in the workforce. Injustice Frame A collection of ideas and symbols that illustrate both how significant the problem is as well as what the movement can do to alleviate it. Latent Functions Unintended and unrecognized operations of a social institution with generally positive outcomes Manifest Function Anticipated and intended operation of a social institution McJobs
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Jobs in the lower tier of the service economy. Referred to as dead-end jobs Occupational Structure The classification of occupational categories in the labor market. Each category includes detailed occupations according to job duties, skills, education or experience Schooling Takes place under the supervision of teachers with a college education and takes place within a large bureaucratic social settings. Essential for an industrial society within thousands of occupations and jobs requiring specialized knowledge and skills. Social Distance Refers to the gulf between the experiences of the affluent and the poor. Also refers the self-imposed boundaries people often maintain Social Integration The bringing together of people from diverse backgrounds so that they share common social experiences and develop commonly held norms, attitudes and beliefs. A sense of social unity or sense of belonging Social Mobility The movement of people from one social position to another in the stratification system Social Placement This function involves determining what roles and statuses, or positions the child will occupy in society Socialization The lifelong process of learning culture. During the process of socialization individuals learn and internalize the norms of our culture attitudes values beliefs ways of thinking and learning social expectations of society and develop a sense of self Tracking The placement of students into courses based on their performance in
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soc terms.wps - Chapter 11 Key Terms Assimilation A process...

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