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What is Epilepsy - A May be related to brain injury B...

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I. What is Epilepsy A. When too many brain cells get excited causing an electrical storm inside the brain. The electrical storm interrupts the person’s movements and feelings. II. Types A. Grand Mal also called tonic-clonic B. Four phases 1. carried out by strange feeling, taste, and odor 2. while losing consciousness the body becomes stiff for a few minutes 3. muscle begins contracting causing convulsions 4. no control of bladder or bowel C. Petit Mal also called Absence seizures 1. mostly occur under the age of 20 years old 2. is when you blank out for a few seconds. 3. smacking of the lips or chewing. 4. stop talking and stop movement 5. unaware III. Causes
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Unformatted text preview: A. May be related to brain injury B. Family tendency C. In most cases the cause is unknown IV. How it’s diagnosed A. EEG – Electroencephalogram 1. a machine that records your brainwaves through the connection of wires to your scalp V. Treatment A. medication (oral) VI. Epilepsy and me A. First occurrence age of 6 B. While having dinner my mother notice something was wrong VII. How it was detected A. I was taken to the hospital B. had an EEG C. Breathing test 1. triggers the absence seizures D. Prescribed medication VIII. Where I am at now A. Twelve years later still taking medication B. Evaluated every three months...
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