225 Study Guide Final 2007

225 Study Guide Final 2007 - SWMS 225 Final Exam Study...

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Unformatted text preview: SWMS 225 Final Exam Study Guide Fall, 2007 Final: Monday, Dec. 17, 2 4 p.m. Dear 225 Students: The final exam consists of two parts: a two-question take home essay assignment and an in-class exam on the 17 th . For the Essays: Please prepare answers of no more than 3 double-spaced pages for each of the two essay questions. Please make ample use of material from readings. Stone, Lips and Low all have excellent source material for the marriage essay question (also use your lecture notes and film). Low, Lips, and Eagly all offer excellent material for use in the Sims/doffs essay. You may add an appendix or chart to each essay to concisely list all of your major points. Please be sure to cite author, year and page number for any factual information you include. The essay portion of the exam will constitute 60% of the final exam grade, so please work on your essay carefully and be comprehensive and insightful. I am really interested in your insights and perspectives! Please work alone on your essays. I am happy to receive them via email anytime this week. You may also hand in a paper copy at the exam on the 17 th . The absolute latest they can be turned in is at the beginning of the exam on the 17 th . The exam on the 17 th will be based mostly on lecture material as outlined in the questions below. You are of course free to make use of readings as relevant. Essay Questions: 1. The ways and the extent to which men and women are different from or similar to one another has long preoccupied writers, philosophers, social commentators, politicians, scientists, and scholars, as well as men and women in their everyday lives. In this course we have explored questions about sex and gender similarities and differences as they have been pursued within several areas of empirical study, including biology, anthropology and psychology. For this essay, please evaluate sex similarities and differences using your lecture notes, readings, films, extra-credit opportunities and notes from guest speakers. Are there meaningful differences between men and women? Are nature and culture dichotomous? How can we best interpret and predict variation in human behavior? 2. There are many costs and benefits (for the individuals, for society, for religious institutions) to being a married. Develop a master list of costs and benefits that incorporates things that apply to people (you may have to differentiate between men and women!) living in this country and around the world. Construct an essay in reference to your list that evaluates marriage. For the Final Exam on the 17 th : 1. What does it mean to be a placental mammal? To be a primate? To be a Homo sapien ? What has being a Homo sapien meant for most of our evolution? What does it mean today? What is the EEA and how is it relevant to understand human adaptation?...
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225 Study Guide Final 2007 - SWMS 225 Final Exam Study...

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