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Jessica Rey December 4, 2007 Dr. Abdullah POSC 320 The Minority Response to Illegal Immigration: African American and Hispanic Citizens Since the creation of our nation immigration has been an integral part of the history of the United States . From the quotas of times past to restrictions placed upon immigration in the 1990’s , immigration has long been a controversial subject with many different vested interests driving it into the public eye . As the United States is culturally diverse, many different ethnicities view immigration , particularly illegal immigration, in ways that are reflective of their nationality . Two main minority populations , the African American and Hispanic communities have responded to the influx of immigrants in a noticeably variant of actions , especially in California . The minority response to this issue has been illustrated throughout urban politics , manifesting itself in many different responses, from grass roots movements to firm legislation . The overall perception and response to immigration in the United States is so divergent , it fluctuates from extreme nativist beliefs to extremist liberalization of immigration policy . In the United States there has always been underground sentiment that you must cause yourself to succeed, the traditional “pull yourself up by your boot straps” phenomenon . This used to contribute to a long past American ideal that immigrants were here to “pull their bootstraps” and shed their culture to become fully transitioned and proud American citizens (Orozco 1996) . However this belief has more recently been abandoned, in favor of the fearful impression of the “parasitic” illegal alien that is here to utilize and abuse our services and resources . These 1
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Jessica Rey December 4, 2007 Dr. Abdullah POSC 320 favored viewpoints and many other immigrant misconceptions serve to capture the public’s attention and are responsible for many anti immigration initiatives . Although there has been a significant reaction by white citizens in the United States, nothing is more surprising than how other minorities and legal immigrants have viewed the influx of illegal immigrants in the nation . As a result of immigration , minority populations throughout the nation have grown tremendously over the past twenty years , ensuing in a changing demographic that alters minority interests and movements . Since the 1980’s “the non white ethnic minority population grew more than seven times as fast as the non-Hispanic white majority” (Johnson, Farrell, and Guinn 1997) . By 1997 the Hispanic population had increased by more than half from 14.6 million to 22.3 million , and the Black population added around 3.5 million, reaching almost 30 million in 1990. With the minority populations increasing so rapidly
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immigration term paper - Jessica Rey December 4 2007 Dr...

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