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Glass Menagerie Essay - McCartney The Almighty Screen There...

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3/5/08 McCartney The Almighty… Screen? There are many techniques to writing and presenting a compelling play to an audience. In the play The Glass Menagerie , Tennessee Williams uses a screen backdrop that displays images and phrases throughout the play. On this screen the images and phrases help illustrate emotion, comedy, and foreshadowing for the spectator. The stage directions throughout the book give key elements that are sometimes not expressed in many recreated versions of the play. I feel that each stage directions use of the screen is essential to the scenes overall mood. Williams uses deliberate images on the screen backdrop to show overwhelming emotion within the play. In scene two when Amanda confronts Laura about her attendance at the business college “A swarm of type writers,” fills the screen (13). The type writers seem to almost taunt her in the background giving a sense of the guilt she is feeling. Amanda, on the other hand, learns that Tom “[has] asked some nice young man to come over,” for his sister Laura (41). When Amanda hears the news the image of a caller with a bouquet appears on screen expressing her excitement and optimism. Amanda’s feelings are also expressed when she tells Laura to wish on the moon for “Happiness! [and] Good fortune!” this shows Amanda’s sympathy and hope for Laura’s future (49). Without these screen shots I feel that the intensity of their emotions would not be portrayed to their full potential. The screen on stage also plays a large role in giving the show a sense of humor. Williams
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Glass Menagerie Essay - McCartney The Almighty Screen There...

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