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Review session - Church as a chaste bride Paul saw himself...

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Unformatted text preview: Church as a chaste bride Paul saw himself as a steward of the faith of Christianity so people take on the role a lot Joseph also played this role : Kurios. Early church as an offering to God Function of Joseph as an old man looked after Mary bring her up and then marry her Passion predictions literary foreshadowing of Jesus death passion of sufferings o In Callihoe and Chaereas o Incicdents of passion foreshadowing in the text o Three different times Mark chapters 8,9,10 o Literary device foreshadow tragedy Jesus as legislator more of Jesus as an advocate in connection with the idea of Jesus as the end of the law vs. fulfillment of law. Going back to epitome of Jesus writings that in some scriptures talk about Jesus being a legislator and exceeding righteousness. Has to do with the early Church and its relationship with Judaism whether he was the law or there to fulfill the law. He is an advocate. Someone who creates law, versus advocate who is a lawyer who defends Ananais of Damascus On Pauls journey to Damascus he is struck blind Ananais is the one who shows him the light and heals him Elder son and inheritance the eldest son got the inheritance relate to the parables Parable of the Prodigal Son about how younger son was really wasteful and he ran away and the elder son inherited the inheritance. Significance father forgives son behavior of getting back a person (Callirhoe, Chaereas) Crucified between two brigands relate to irony of being arrested and release of Barabbas Jesus accuses the orthodox priest and temple for being brigands of collecting gold and not letting go he is arrested in the city because he is from chora and not recognized people think he is recruiting for other brigands Barabas is released and he is a brigand and then Jesus is crucified between two brigands Edict of Milan declared Christianity legal (Constantine). o Lycinius reject the edict of Milan schism in Church began to persecute Christians Constantine sent troops to defeat him and became the sole ruler of Rome P.52 A little piece of the oldest document found of the New Testament Papyrus fragment found in a research university by student the oldest piecewritten on both sides in capital Greek letters Fruits of the Spirit friendship, love, kindness, honesty, etcrelated to the presentation of early churches as a bride for God fruits of the spirit as a reward...
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Review session - Church as a chaste bride Paul saw himself...

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