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Position Paper

Position Paper - Nick Jean-Baptiste English 1304 Hoffman...

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Nick Jean-Baptiste English 1304 Hoffman February 18 th 2008 Today’s generation of youth have already been subjected to vast amounts of violence, whether it’s 9/11 or the Iraq War. They have been through one of the toughest eras in American history since the Second World War. This might explain why some of the youth have cracked under the pressure and resorted to violence in order to solve their problem. “Because it mostly affects the young, violence kills more people under the age of 65 in this country than do cancer and heart disease, the two illnesses that are often (and mistakenly) thought to be the most significant causes of death.” (Gilligan 550) There have been various incidents resorting to violence at school with examples being Columbine High School or the Platte Canyon High School shootings. Those two shootings alone caused the deaths of thirty-two innocent students. Most of the perpetrators used today’s media to plot their attacks, including movies and video games. If they don’t give in to their violent urges in their teenage years, they take it out when they become adults. Therefore, they are incarcerated and put into the government correctional system. Most penitentiaries aren’t even helpful. Some of their programs actually help promote violence. Even terrorists have their factions recruit young minds that they can mold into terrible thinking machines. If people could just settle their differences instead of acting out, a significant amount of terrorism, murders, and random acts of violence wouldn’t have happened. The three readings that discuss the topic of how violence affects today’s youth and what can people do to
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fix it. The first reading is “A Brain Too Young for Good Judgment” by Daniel R. Weinberger, which describes how the frontal lobe in a teenager’s mind is not fully developed therefore causing teens to act on their emotions instead of thinking things out. The second reading is
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Position Paper - Nick Jean-Baptiste English 1304 Hoffman...

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