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Review Aristotle - most associated with the ancient greek world view Aristarchus - rejected the geocentric world view Eratosthenes - accurately determined the size of the Earth Ptolemy - standard astronomy text for 1400 yrs., Almagest Geocentric model of the Universe: Earth is at the center of the universe and all other bodies orbit it Heliocentric model: Earth and other planets orbit the Sun Copernicus - Heliocentric world view Tycho Brahe - Last astronomer without a telescope. Provided Kepler with the data needed in order to develop his three Laws J. Kepler - Three Laws of Planetary Motion (know the Laws) 1. Planets move in elliptical orbits w/ the Sun at one focus of the ellipse 2. the orbital speed of a planet varies so that a line joining the Sun & the planet will sweep over equal areas in equal time intervals (force pulls in faster or out slower) 3. the amount of time a planet takes to orbit the Sun, P, is related to its orbit’s size, a Galileo - Used a telescope and challenged the conventional wisdom of the motion of objects And the nature of the heavens Telescope observations a) Phases of Venus b) Moons of Jupiter c) Sunspots d) Mountians on the Moon Newton - Three Laws of Motion and universal Law of Gravity Light Wave nature of Light Frequency* wavelength = velocity of light Light is one type of Electromagnetic wave Long wavelength to short - Radio, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-ray,gamma-ray Blackbody Wien's Law
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Stefan's Law Continuous spectrum Emission line spectrum Adsorption line spectrum Kirchhoff's Laws Doppler effect ____________ Earth
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finalrev - Review Aristotle most associated with the...

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