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Venus/Mars Venus Unusual Motion - VERY slow retrograde rotation 'Vital' Statistics Radius = .95 Earth's Volume = . 81 Earth's Mass = .78 Earth Masses Density = 5300 kg/m3 Interior - large hot iron rich core Surface - Specific features: 1. Maxwell Montes - largest mountain on Venus (Shield Volcano) 2. Aprhodite Terra - largest highlands 3. Isthar Terra - highland containing Maxwell montes Atmosphere Weather: Constant clould cover Sulfuric acid clouds at 50 km Temperature: VERY HOT 730K Pressure: about 90 times Earth's Chemical Comp. - CO2 - 95.3% Nitrogen - 3.5% Local Space Environment No measurable magnetic field No Moons Probes - Orbiting - Magellan (used radar imaging to map the surface of the planet) Mars 'Unusual' Motion - Period of a day is 24.6 hours (similar to Earth's) Tilt angle of rotation axis - 24.0 degrees (again similar to Earth's) This means Mars has seasons 'Vital' Statistics Radius = .53 Earth's Volume = . 149 Earth's Mass = .11 Earth Masses Density = 3900 kg/m3
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