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major paper 3 final draft

major paper 3 final draft - GEW 101 May 5 2008 Conflict of...

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GEW 101 May 5, 2008 Conflict of Interest All throughout life people are torn in different directions, people pushing and pulling and telling them what to be. Sometimes the other people don’t take into account what you might want or what might be best for you and it can lead to some troubling times for both parties, tearing them apart or creating a major rift between them. In Bless Me, Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya he tells the story of Antonio Marez, a boy who is very young and just beginning school and who is dealing with some major adult and life changing issues. Anaya has many arguments in his text but the most relevant is the influence of culture on identity. There are three major instances of this in the text; his parent’s goals for him differ greatly rooting from cultural beliefs, the difference between indigenous culture and Spanish culture, and the difference of Spanish and English speakers. Antonio meets all sorts of characters, good and evil, he sees things that no eight year old should see, he witnesses the magical power of healing, he learns about the power god has or doesn’t have, and he learns to think for himself and not worry about what everyone else wants. Throughout Antonio’s journey these events and conflicts help him to discover who he is. Everyone comes from different places and this is no different for Antonio’s parents. His mother Maria is a woman of deep religious beliefs and treasures the way she grew up. She grew up nurturing the land but also finding answers in Christ. In a dream Tony has his mother states, “Behind us I heard my mother moan and cry because with each turning of the sun her son was growing old…” (Anaya 26). His mother believes that as he grows older he will lose his
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innocence and that is something she doesn’t want, especially since she wants him to become a priest. She wants Antonio to be able to go to heaven and to be able to honor God in every way possible. Antonio doesn’t quite know if he is ready to be a priest, he wants to please his mother but she puts so much unwanted pressure on him. In her culture, priests are almighty and they pray every day and during any time of need. “If only he could become a priest. That would save him! He would always be with God…just think the honor it would bring our family to have a priest” (Anaya 31). It appears that Maria’s one and only goal for Antonio is to become a priest, there is no other option because the life of the Marez is unfit in her eyes. She wants her son to be one with the land and not to just roam around. Poor Antonio is trying to make her happy as well as his father. Fathers always have a different view for their children than the mother. They want the little boy to be the football star or in this case the vaquero, carrying on family tradition. In a dream Antonio has, “Father says the freedom of the wild horse is in the Marez blood, and his gaze is always westward. His fathers before him were vaqueros, and so he expects us to be men of the llano” (Anaya 25). This shows how what his father wants for him is always with him.
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major paper 3 final draft - GEW 101 May 5 2008 Conflict of...

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