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major paper 2 final - GEW 101 Brown Surfing for Life Many...

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GEW 101 Brown Surfing for Life Many people go on quests to find themselves or to find purpose in their life. Some go to find religion or spiritual guidance, some go to keep a promise, or some go to find answers to questions. Steven Kotler goes on a quest for all these, traveling around the world and meeting all sorts of characters. Although he comes across many obstacles he still accomplishes what he originally set out to do and finds out some interesting things in the process. In West of Jesus, Kotler explores many dimensions of life and spirituality. Kotler’s purpose for writing this book is to give hope to others. He explains this best through using stories, myths, spirituality, and science. Right out of the gate Kotler states that, “We tell ourselves stories in order to live” (Kotler 3). He is introducing his book and perhaps giving a slight insight into what he will be explaining, what his journey will be about. Everyone has a story that they tell themselves to keep them going and through this journey he has a chance to have others use his story to help them keep going. Kotler has been plagued by Lyme disease which he struggles through with the rest of the things in his life because everything seems to go downhill. Seemingly disappointed, “I am now thirty- eight years old and often find a direct and peculiar conflict between my personal mythology and the real world” (Kotler 11). Many people with diseases and other hardships probably have the same issue so here Kotler is relating to the reader, gaining their sympathy, and hoping that they will be intrigued enough to follow him on his journey.
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Personal stories always help someone to become more emotionally involved or better understand what is being taught or said to them. A simple everyday story may one day help another person or teach them a lesson. Even as Lyme disease was eating him away, Kotler still wanted to surf, “Five waves later I wasn’t just exhausted; I was disassembled. Those five waves took me fifteen days in bed to recover from, but on the sixteenth I drove back for more” (Kotler 53). Kotler is reaching out for some sympathy but also explaining his determination because in his mind surfing was in some way curing him. It was giving him something to look forward to everyday instead of sitting around his house moping. Everyone goes through down times and this is no different. The key to getting over the hump is simply finding something that you want to put enough effort and will into. Everyone runs into decisions, “As far as I could tell, there were two choices: paddle safely around the point, easily a fifteen minute proposition, or scramble over a long boulder field and find a tall rock and jump” (Kotler 117). Some decisions that people come across are more easily solved by others but nonetheless everyone has a decision that could possibly affect the rest of their life. Although Kotler’s decision doesn’t seem like anything too major it is in the fact that because he is so weak he may not be able to make it out there but yet
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major paper 2 final - GEW 101 Brown Surfing for Life Many...

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