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ConWestFinalQuestions - immortals and their relationships...

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Matthew Zagelbaum Conversations of the West Final Exam 1) If possible, can we review the two Hawthorne texts that we read in the second half of the course? I feel as though, despite the in class lectures, I still don’t have an understanding of them… or at least enough of an understanding to be able to confidently use them in a question on the final. 2) In what way to the following texts portray the image of Gods, or an
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Unformatted text preview: immortals, and their relationships to humans? Use the Book of Job, Prometheus Bound, and the Odyssey. 3) What defines a tragic character? Who, if there are any, in the following texts, is a tragic character and what makes them such? How do they further our understanding of the texts as a whole? Take into consideration Frankenstein, Faust, and Prometheus Bound....
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