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HGWELLSTIMEMACHIN - Nothing is Forever In HG Wells Time...

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Nothing is Forever In HG Wells’ Time Machine , the Time Traveller travels into the distant future only to discover the human race as evolved into a society of Eloi and Morlocks. In the year 802,701 AD, the Eloi represent the future version of the Victorian owning class while the Morlocks are the future of the Victorian working class. In the middle of those classes on the social hierarchy, the Time Traveller himself is part of a Victorian gentleman class. It is clear that over time the human race has changed, and the people of the Time Traveller’s Victorian gentleman class have become extinct as the other two classes have become more extreme versions of each other. Essentially, the idea of what is human has changed through evolution over time. The Time Traveller comes from 19 th Century London. Prior to the 18 th Century there had been a caste system in which humans were born into their social status and were allowed zero mobility between rankings. As a result of the industrial revolution in 18 th Century England, many new professions opened up and those at all rankings on the previous system began to move into cities searching for work. While the previous caste system may have been abolished, a new class system or social hierarchy quickly developed. On one end of the social spectrum in Victorian London is the owning class. These are the wealthy and affluent human beings who held jobs such as doctors and lawyers. On the opposite end of this spectrum is the working class. These humans are the laborers that the owning class depends on – the farmers, the factory workers, etc. Somewhere in between on this spectrum falls the Time Traveller as a part of a middle,
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gentleman class. Traveling to the year 802,701 AD, the Time Traveller is introduced to newer versions of human beings. Shortly after meeting the Eloi, the Time Traveller notices that they are unintelligent beings by Victorian London’s standards. While trying to
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HGWELLSTIMEMACHIN - Nothing is Forever In HG Wells Time...

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