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SOMATOFORM DISORDERS a variety of conditions in which psychological conflicts become translated into physical problems or complaints Conversion disorder – involving the translation of unacceptable drives or troubling conflicts into physical symptoms Somatization disorder – multiple and recurrent bodily symptoms, which lack psychological basis, are the expression or psychological issues. Pain disorder – a form of pain is the predominant focus of the client’s medical complaint. NOT faking the pain. Body Dysmorphic disorder – individuals are preoccupied with the idea that a part of their body is ugly or defective Hypochondriasis – individuals have the belief or fear that they have a serious illness Malingering – involved deliberately feigning the symptoms of physical illness or psychological disorder for an ulterior motive. Factitious disorder – individuals who fake symptoms or disorders, because of an inner need to maintain a sick role DISSOCIATIVE DISORDERS – involving anxiety or conflict so severe that part of the
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Unformatted text preview: individual’s personality actually separates from the rest of his or her conscious functioning Dissociative amnesia – the individual is unable to remember important persona details and experiences usually associated with traumatic or very stressful events. Rare, but most common within dissociative disorders. FOUR FORMS: Localized – forgets all events that occurred during a specified time. (most common) Selective – fails to recall some, but not all, details of events that occurred during a period of time Generalized – cannot remember anything at all from his/her life Continuous – failure to recall events from a particular date up to and including the present Dissociative Fugue – a condition in which a person who is confused about personal identity suddenly and unexpectedly travels to another place Depersonalization – distortions of mind-body perceptions happen repeatedly and without provocation by drugs (feeling of you stepped out of your own body)...
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