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Exam 1 review sheet - Intro lecture: Science in the...

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Intro lecture : Science in the news…microwave popcorn -DIACETYL (natural byproduct of fermentation, used in beers and wines for smooth taste), the substance that in large quantity creates a butter flavor for the popcorn cause BROCHIOLITIS (aka popcorn lung) in food-flavoring plant workers. Clogs bronchioles with granulation tissue, only treatment=lung transplant. What is biotechnology? BIO-the use of biological processes TECHNOLOGY-to solve problems or make useful products What are the differences between modern biotechnology and Traditional Biotechnology, and what facilitated the development of newer technologies? TRADITIONAL: Conventional processes used for many food products (beer/wine/cheese etc.) MODERN: New methods of genetic modification by RECOMBINANT DNA and cell fusion techniques (Human Genome Project) What are knockout animals? Genes are removed from one animal to study the effects with an without the gene (taking a protein out of a mouse and observing the differences in weight) How have scientists created a sheep that is 15% human? Why would we want to do this? How: Injecting adult human cells into a sheep’s fetus, or taking adult stem cells and putting into fetus. Why: Eventually perhaps a human can grow a sheep with matching organs to reduce the chance of rejection during transplant Bioremediation -The use of bacteria to clean things like oil spills (gluttonous microbes break down the organic contaminant, by breaking carbon chains) Gene Therapy -Inserting genes into a virus to correct defective existing genes PROCESS:
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Public Perception - Not many people really know what biotechnology actually is, only 10% of the human population is scientifically literate. Human Genome We went through the questions in class, just know the review sheet. Just basics nothing too complicated. Don’t need to know specific names or anything like that. Cells, Genes and Genomes: History: Van Leeuwenhoek 1 st microbiologist, made the basic microscope Hooke Made the compound microscope, and discovered cells in a cork Schleiden Created the cell theory Cell Structures: CELL MEMBRANE: universal feature of all cells, contains a bilipid layer, where the outside is hydrophilic and the inside is hydrophobic. They allow things in and out of the cell, communicate with other cells, and hold the cell together. NUCLEUS: Contain RNA and DNA (genes), RNA copies DNA into proteins
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Exam 1 review sheet - Intro lecture: Science in the...

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