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Biotechnology Review Sheet for Final Exam Medical Biotech 1 What was the first wave of drugs in the Biotech field? Recombinant DNA drugs: Like Humulin . There was trouble with the traditional treatment of insulin from pancreas of pigs and cows because of rejection and contamination. The Humulin gene was cloned in 1978 and a human form of insulin was possible. Became first recombinant DNA drug approved by FDA in 1982. Recombinant DNA technology, what is it, how is it used to make drugs Recombinant DNA technology is a body of techniques for cutting apart and splicing together different pieces of DNA. One way is through Humulin- which is used for diabetes patients that do not produce enough insulin. What is anemia and why is erythropoietin important? Anemia- the deficiency of red blood cells and/ or hemoglobin Erythropoietin- is the protein in human blood that stimulates the production of red blood cells Type 1 versus Type 2 diabetes Type 1- the body makes little or no insulin. People in this stage must take insulin shots to live. Type 2- the body makes insulin, but their cells cannot use it well. Epogen was introduced by Amgen what is it? Epogen- the genetically engineered protein which is a recombinant DNA version of the human erythropoietin protein that stimulates the production of red blood cells. How is Epogen made? In small batches in animal tissue culture cells called Chinese Hamster Ovary cells (CHO cells). What is the “dark” side of Epogen? Blood Doping- which is using epogen to increase performance What was the next wave of Biotech drugs? Monoclonal Antibiodies Avonex is the use of rIFNa for treatment of MS. It prevents the destruction of myelin… How does it act in the body? It slows the progression of MS by regulating the body’s immune response against myelin.
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What are antibodies and antigens? Antibody- protein produced by the immune system in response to the presence of an antigen. Antigens- A substance that induces the formation of antibodies because it is recognized by the immune system as a threat. Why are antibodies a good tool for drugs? They are very specific (high level of specificity) making them promising agents for human therapy. Monoclonal antibody technology…by who…for what? Cesar Milstein developed monoclonal antibody technology These are preparations of a single antibody-secreting B cell fused with myeloma cells (cancerous B-cells). Used for Cancer, Autoimmunity and Transplantation (to treat rejections of transplanted organs). Antibody drugs can be used to prevent transplant rejection, how? Through Orthoclone OKT 3 treatment- which blocks CD3T cell proliferation. Know about Herceptin.
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Final Exam Review Sheet - Biotechnology Review Sheet for...

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