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Apollo Essay - The Apollo 17 lunar mission was the eleventh...

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The Apollo 17 lunar mission was the eleventh of it kind in the NASA Apollo Program and was the only mission to be launched at night on December 7 th , 1972 with a geologist on board . Though this mission is said to have been the last and final lunar mission, NASA has planned another lunar landing with Orion 15 sometime in 2019 . The crew of Apollo 17 consisted of Commander Eugene A . Cernan, Lunar Module pilot and Geologist Harrison H . “Jack” Schmitt, and Command Module pilot Ronald E. Evans. Prior to this mission, Cernan had been aboard Gemini 9 and Apollo 10, while Apollo 17 remained the first flight for Schmitt and Evans . The missions objectives were to: explore and sample the materials and surface features at Taurus-Littrow, set up and activate experiments on the lunar surface for long-term relay of data, and lastly, to conduct in- flight experiments and photographic tasks . After it’s launch of December 7 th , the spacecraft revolved around Earth twice and was then sent into a trans-lunar coast . Within four days, Apollo 17 had landed on the moon at the landing site: Taurus-Littrow . The landing site for this mission was on the southeastern rim of the Mare Sereneitatis, in the southwestern Montes Taurus . This region consisted of a dark mantle between three rounded hills, or also known as steep massifs that surrounded the projected target point . It was chosen due to its high concentration of elements that geologist Schmitt found to be a point of interest . Also, Taurus-Littrow was described to have cinder cones and steep-walled valleys with large boulders at their base which presented the possibility of sampling and examining young
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Apollo Essay - The Apollo 17 lunar mission was the eleventh...

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