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MUSIC Final Exam Study Guide

MUSIC Final Exam Study Guide - 1 Key aspects of rag...

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1. Key aspects of rag music : -Rhythmic expression through tal, bols, tempo, phrasing of notes. - Melodic expression thourhg gamak and shrutis, swar, solo tradition, no harmony, roundedness 2. The relevance and significance of vocal music for instrumental music “ - the expression of gamak and shrutis come out very well - texts adds emotion - sets a foundation for the music 3. What are the movements in a typical conert of melodic-instrumental music in the khayal style? - Alap: slow, elaboration of the rag, NOTE BY NOTE - Jod: rhythmic pulse, medium tempo, complex plectrum strokes - Jhala: Rhythmic pulse, fast tempo - Vilambit Gat: Slow composition, tal, TABLA enters - Drut Gat: fast tempo 4. Contrast tabla accompaniment in melodic-instrument performances to that in vocal. - Instrumental: Tabla more active, mini solos - Vocal: 5. What is a jugalbandi? Describe the additional dimensions that it brings to a performance, in particular to the expression of musical thought .
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