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Taylor Jew Bio 315 TR 11-1150 Jan 31, 2008 Homework #1 Personal and Class Aspirations I remember the moment after switching from a business major to a biology major, I immediately thought to myself, “Okay Taylor, what have you gotten yourself into?” It was a scary thought yet an exciting feeling to change my direction in college because science and math classes were never really my forte in high school. But even after the decision to major in biology, I still had no clue what I wanted to pursue with that degree. Did I want to invest another 8 years after CSUN to become a doctor? Did I want to go into research or work for a biotech company after obtaining my Bachelors? That idea remained unclear to me up until 1.5 years ago, when I began working at Lenscrafters as a lab technician (I make the lenses). I loved dispensing the glasses we made to the customers, especially when the customers were little children or senior citizens. They
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