bureaucracy - -90% of government money goes into...

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-90% of government money goes into beaurocracy -Bureaucracy chart -what’s the real job of the bureaucracy? They run the government. Tasks of the Bureaucracy The Bureaucracy is not constitutionally empowered to decide policy questions but they do…as they use administrative discretion to perform their tasks of: --implementation: the bureaucracy develops new procedures and creates agencies as it ‘implements’ the laws made by congress --regulation: part of ‘implementing’ involves making new ‘regulations’…rules with the force of law…to carry out these policies; this process resembles ‘legislation’ very closely --adjudication: and they decide whether we are following the rules they made through ‘adjudication’; this resembles the judicial process very closely Almost all of these procedures have some ‘leeway’ which allows the bureaucrat some administrative discretion in how to do things, and some allow a great deal in carrying out the policies intended by the laws passed by congress. In the USA, the federal bureaucracy essentially ‘runs the government’
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bureaucracy - -90% of government money goes into...

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