Chapter 10 - Chapter 10 Texas troubles o July 1860...

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Chapter 10 Texas troubles o July 1860 unexplained fires in Dallas, Denton, and other parts of North Texas o Vigilance committees formed. They spread terror among slaves because fires were blamed on the slaves. o Wildly exaggerated reporting spread panic through the counties o Four days after the fire, Charles R. Pryor (editor of Dallas Herald) wrote a letter saying that “certain negroes” were planning to “devastate, with fire and assassination, the whole of Northern Texas” o Later on Unionists disputed that faulty matches had caused the fires A new kind of matches, phosphorous matches, were causing fire Secession and Sam Houston’s attitude towards it o Sam Houston was completely against secession, he believed it would cause war against the United States, a war which Texas could not win. o Page 2 of November 7 lecture Surrender of San Antonio federal arsenal in 1861 o Committee on Public Safety was sent to take control of all property in the state belonging to the national government (U.S.). Committee sent three commissioners to SA to negotiate with General David E. Twiggs (a U.S. soldier who was totally pro-confederate). Twiggs agreed to surrender federal properties and supplies once voters approved secession. Tensions developed when Twiggs refused to put the agreement in writing, so Ben McCulloch moved to San Antonio with forces and took control of the city and forced the commander to surrender federal property. o
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Chapter 10 - Chapter 10 Texas troubles o July 1860...

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