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Chapter 9 - o Religion was second only to their families as...

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Chapter 9 Population of Texas in 1860 (excluding Indians) o 604,215 people. Slaves were about 30% of population—182,566 slaves. Slavery. Pg 220-227. Pg 3-8 of Oct31 lecture o Slaves had no choice in whether or not they wanted to come to TX Came w/their masters, or as merchandise (interstate slave trade) o Majority belonged to farmers: agriculture o Slaves worked from sunrise to sunset, 12hr days o Most slaves ate as well or better than poor whites o East texas was most densely populated with slaves o Slaves had to live daily w/threat of physical punishment o Slaves used their families, religious beliefs, and music to build a “culture” that helped them survive the mental/emotional assault of slavery o Slaves had no legal rights of marriage and family
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Unformatted text preview: o Religion was second only to their families as a source of strength o Slaves used music as a way of adjusting to servitude o Rebellious slaves Broke equipment, mistreated livestock, misbehaved, ran away, some even went as far as to killing their masters Most slaves, however, were not loyal servants nor rebels of any sort • Compromise of 1850 o Offered a solution to the disputed boundary with New Mexico o Fixed northern and western boundary of Texas o In return for accepting the limit to its western claims, TX received $10 million in U.S. bonds to pay public debt left from the Republic era o Pro-southern extremists didn’t like the bill, calling it “Infamous Texas Bribery Bill”...
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