Chapter 1 - Notes and Questions for Roark, The American...

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Notes and Questions for Roark, The American Promise UTSA HIS 1043, Rex H. Ball, Senior Lectuer Chapter 1: Before the Written Record, Ancient America to 1492 The chapter deals with archaeology and history. archaeology n. 1. The scientific studyof the material remains of past human life and activities, such as fossil relics, artifacts, monutments, etc. history n. 2. A systematic written account of events, particularly of those affecting a nation, institution, science, or art, usually connected with a philosophical explanation of their causes. Prehistoric humans developed complex and diverse cultures Shaman Oral history Song Picture stories Archaeology, anthropology, geology and other disciplines. How is the story of George McJunkin significant to the opening chapter of an American history text? How is it wonderfully ironic? Define the two disciplines. How did prehistoric Native Americans pass their culture on without writing? How do we know about the story of the pre- historic settlers of America?
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The author points out two keys to Homo Sapien migration to the Western Hemisphere: 1) adaptation, and 2) changes in the Earth’s climate. 25,000 years ago prehistoric natives sewed skins together with bone needles. Archaeologists have discovered physical
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Chapter 1 - Notes and Questions for Roark, The American...

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