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POLI 12 Discussion 3 April 18

POLI 12 Discussion 3 April 18 - war i.e A and B both want...

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POLI 12 Discussion 3 April 18, 2008 I. Quiz II. Bargainin Model -interests, bargaining failure (interactions), solutions (institutions) III. Evaluate the Model War can be thought of as a costly way to divide territory, where p=the expected division of territory after war, q is the status quo, and b and a are the costs of war. E(wa) = p x 1- a Expected value of war for A. E(wb) = p x 1 – b Interests: A and B have conflicting interests, a conflict of interests is a necessary condition for
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Unformatted text preview: war. i.e. A and B both want to increase territory, A’s gain is B’s loss and vice versa. Why does bargaining fail?-Indivisible Issue—bargaining range does not exist because dividing does not work.-Incomplete Information-Commitment Issues How do we solve these problems? Indivisible issue-compensation Information-make things less transparent, democracies are more open Commitment Issues- make it more costly to defect. International institutions, i.e. trade embargos....
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