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POLI 12 Discussion 1 April 4 Sam Seljan I. Introductions II. Political debate III. Section Syllabus Iraq War Debate McCain -prevent future 9/11 -don’t want to see Iraq become a dictatorship -avoid potential genocide similar to Rwanda -prevent terrorist stronghold in Iraq Obama/Clinton -drain on economy -the longer we stay, the harder it is to leave -objective in Iraq unclear -success unclear -unpopular war—domestically and internationally Positive Argument-a statement made to convince you that the world works in a certain way.
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Unformatted text preview: Normative Argument- A statement made to convince you that something is right or wrong. Examples: [N] United States has a duty to help build Iraq because we destroyed its political system. [P] Prevent future 9-11 Most arguments in international relations are positive. Quizzes: Major concepts and examples that aren’t discussed in lectures. Quiz Format: short answer or multiple choice. 5-10 minutes Participation: Questions about the reading....
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