Impact and Hardness Lab

Impact and Hardness Lab - Experiment #2: Impact and...

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Experiment #2: Impact and Hardness Testing Materials Science 104 Discussion 2A Introduction
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Part 1: During the material selection process, it is important that scientists know all of the properties of a particular material in order to see if it is best suited for the project at hand. Charpy impact testing is a way to determine one of these properties: how much energy a material absorbs during fracture. This test also helps determine the ductility and toughness of a particular material. Part 2: Hardness tells scientists the material’s resistance to plastic deformation. This property can be determined through hardness tests such as Rockwell, Vickers, Knoop, Brinell, and a new method nanoidentation. The Vickers hardness test consists of indenting a material with a diamond indenter, applying the force for 10-15 seconds, and then measuring the indentation to determine the hardness. The Rockwell test is performed in the same way but with a diamond cone as the indenter. The Brinell hardness test is the same as the Vickers test except the material is indented by carbide ball indenter. The hardness number is determined by the test force divided by the curved surface of the area indentation. Next, the Knoop hardness test is performed with a rhombic-based pyramidal diamond that produces an elongated diamond shaped indent. Finally, the most recent type of test is the nanoindentation test. This test is done primarily on solid and thin films. During the indentation, the depth of the penetration is recorded and then with the geometry of the tip, one can determine the hardness. This is much more accurate than the other methods because it does not rely on visual examination of the indent. Objective
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Impact and Hardness Lab - Experiment #2: Impact and...

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