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Generalized Socratic Period Rational person act deliberately Deliberation = reason to select best alternative action Rational persons do what is best Never intentionally do what is wrong Rational agents should never be punished for wrong doing. Should be taught what is right or best. After this they will never do wrong. Failure to do what is believed best =mental illness Are we rely rational? Our inclination towards fallacy o Gamblers fallacy o Selecting a car
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Unformatted text preview: o Ordering effect on preferences o Impact bios in predicting happiness o Daniel gilbert: prof. of Psychology o Research indicares that humans chronically err in estimating how happy their activites will make them o Failures in deployments of knowledge • Where are my glasses? • Calculation errors on math tests • Tip of the tongue phenomenon o Rational wrong doing • Augustine weakness of will • Human: reason as slave of desire...
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