notes Feb26 - Types of psychological therapies 1....

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Types of psychological therapies 1. Behaviorist a. Aversive conditioning (also aversive therapy) i. Smoking until sick ii. Eating until puking iii. Electrical shock b. Token economies i. Gold star for cleaning play ground ii. Rewards c. Systematic desensitization therapy i. Terrified of cats – relax person, give meowing, stop, then relax…. More and more and more slowly a little at a time ii. Impossible to be afraid and relaxed at the same time 2. Eclectic can use all of the approaches: a. Focuses on how family works together i. How do family members interact? b. Indentifies patterns within the family 3. Sigmund Frued a. Free associations b. Projective tests c. Dream analysis Jungian Dream Analysis 1. Write down your dream a. Narrative b. Story c. Who/what/when/where d. Sad, scared, emotions 2. Underline nouns in your story a. Nouns are symbols 3. On a separate piece of paper write down the essential meaning of the noun to you (use adjectives). If a person, describe the essence of that person to you a. Diamond = unbreakable, value, luxury, marriage, commitment, etc…. . whatever feels most true i. Dictionary for symbols in dream
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notes Feb26 - Types of psychological therapies 1....

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