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notes Feb21 - 1 Cognitive therapies a Affirmations b...

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Psychological Therapy 1. Clinical psychologist, Ph.D. and licensed to practice. 2. Psychiatrist, M.D. 3. Clinical or Psychiatric Social Worker, M.S.W. 4. Counselors, or therapists (no degree required, although many do) IT’S OK TO SHOP AROUND 2 major types of therapy 1. Psychological therapies: structured interaction between a therapist and a person seeking assistance. 2. Biomedical therapies: medical interventions that affect the nervous system directly. Biomedical Therapies 1. Psychopharmacology a. Antipsychotic medications b. Antidepressant medications c. Anti-anxiety medications 2. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) 3. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Types of psychological therapies 1. Cognitive therapies 2. Humanistic 3. Behaviorist 4. Psychoanalytic Eclectic therapist – mish mash
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Cognitive therapies a. Affirmations b. Stinking thinking c. Challenge style of thinking or style of attributions d. Does it work? Albert Ellis Cognitive behavior therapy with Adolescents • Identify automatic thoughts • Challenge truth of automatic thoughts. • What will happen next time: behavioral strategies • Workbook to track strategies and whether the work. Humanistic • Unconditional positive regard • Active listening o Paraphrase – “what you’re saying is…” o Invite clarification – “is that right?” o Reflect feelings – “it seems like that would be…” • Validation Behaviorist • Aversive conditioning (also aversive therapy) •...
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notes Feb21 - 1 Cognitive therapies a Affirmations b...

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