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CT Scan – (cat scan) CT (computed Tomography) also called cat scan: Series of x-rays that portray structure of brain PET (positron emission tomography): Radioactive glucose is picked up by PET scanner to portray activity MRI (magnetic resonance imaging): Uses magnetic energy to produce images of structures if the brain. fMRI ( functional magnetic resonance imaging); Biological Psychology: Studies links between biology and behavior (subfield of neuroscience)
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Unformatted text preview: Neuron: made up of: Dendrites: Receives signal(receives neurotransmitters) Cell Body: provides the firing inside the dendrite Axon: Path of electrical transmission Axon terminal: Receives axon signal Synapse: Space between the axon terminal and the dendrite where Neurotransmitters and chemicals are Neurotransmitters: Carries the information...
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