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CE 728 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Department of Civil Engineering Middle East Technical University, Ankara,Turkey Assoc. Prof. Dr. K. Önder Çetin ASSIGNMENT 8 Seismic Assessment of Retaining Structures For the retaining wall shown in the figure given below: Slope of the backfill is 15 degrees, and surcharge on backfill is 20 kN/m. Depth of ground water table is 4 meters down from surface. Hint : φ + - = sin 1 sin 1 A K ; - + = sin 1 sin 1 P K ; A v A A K c K P - = 2 σ ; P v P P K c K P + = 2 a) Determine the active and passive pressures acting on the wall by using Rankine’s theory and plot your results on a similar figure given below. Determine the total resulting force (R) per meter length acting on the wall. b) Maximum horizontal soil acceleration at the ground surface of the backfill is estimated as 0.35 g. Estimate the
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Unformatted text preview: net dynamic thrust and its point of application on the wall during this earthquake scenario by using Mononobe-Okabe (1921, 1926) method. c) Estimate the displacement of this gravity wall by using Richards and Elms method. d) Estimate the minimum wall weight required to ensure stability of the gravity wall by using Richards and Elms formulation. If the top width of the wall is given as 3 meters, what should be the width at the base of the wall to fulfill the minimum weight requirement? Assume unit weight of concrete as 24 kN/m 3 Assignment 8 : Seismic Assessment of Retaining Structures 4 m 2 m 4 m 2 m Sand γ wet =18 kN/m 3 c ′ = 10 kPa φ′ =30 Sand γ sat =19 kN/m 3 c ′ = 5 kN/m 2 φ′ =32 15º 20 kN/m...
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